A plethora of tourist places to visit in Jaisalmer makes it a holiday-goers’ haven. People flock to this golden city to view its beautiful forts, ancient temples, picturesque lakes and vibrant bazaars. Out of all the best places to visit in Jaisalmer, the magnificent Jaisalmer Fort is the most well known. Around one-fourth of the city’s population resides inside the fort, making it a buzzing place to visit any time of the day.

Just outside the city, you can also take a peek at ancient history by visiting the ruins of the Kuldhara village, which the locals say is haunted! From an abandoned village you can go to a beautiful graveyard which houses craft fully built sandstone chhatris to satiate the architecture lover in you. So Hotel Marwar Palace is among the best places to stay in Jaisalmer to make your trip memorable and enjoyable.

The most popular method of discovering Rajasthan is by a Camel Safari in Jaisalmer, which gives you a chance to see how people live in the desert. The ideal setting for a camel safari in Jaisalmer is a brilliant blue sky, lovely sand dunes, and the distinctive flora and animals of the desert area. You will get the opportunity to interact with the camels as you take an extraordinary trip over the arid landscape on the huge back of a camel. After taking this exciting ride, the sun painting the sky in golden hues is a sight to behold.

Camel Safari In Jaisalmer

Bhadariya Rai Temple

Although underground wine sellers are a familiar concept, underground libraries are significantly surreal and yet, In a small village called Bhadariya, there is one in or rather under the heart of Rajasthan. It is one of Asia's largest libraries and contains 9 lac books displayed neatly behind 562 glass shelves.
Camel Safari In Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer Fort

Amongst all the places to see in Jaisalmer, the Jaisalmer Fort is the largest. It is in fact, one of the largest forts around the world. Located on the Tirukuta Hill, this fort was built by Rao Jaisal, one of the mightiest rulers of Jaislamer. Due to its location at the golden stretches of the Thar Desert.
Camel Safari In Jaisalmer

Gadsisar Lake

Maharwal Gadsi Singh, the then Maharaja of Jaisalmer constructed this lake in 1400 AD. The lake was originally built as a conservation reservoir for rainwater harvesting; during the ancient times, and it happened to be one of the major water sources for the entire city.
Camel Safari In Jaisalmer

Patwon Ki Haveli

An architectural marvel in the streets of the city and marked by intricate carving and murals is what Patwon ki Haveli is. Built in the 19th century, this Patwon ki Haveli is a combination of 5 different havelis in one single premise. It consists of a museum having rare artifacts.
Camel Safari In Jaisalmer

War Museum

The Indian Army has set up a historical war museum in Jaisalmer. This war museum which is the first-of-its-kind on the western front traces the evolution of the Indian Army and covers in detail its inspiring contribution in mainly 1965 Indo-Pak War and 1971 Longewala battle including all combat operations and other nation building activities.
Camel Safari In Jaisalmer

Desert National Park

A visit to the Desert National Park will give a better understanding of how the plants and animals have survived the aridness of the Thar Desert. Displaying the unique range and collection of different species of flora and fauna, this museum attracts the nature enthusiasts and the botanists to a large extent.